Why Stay With Us?

It is true that many of our visitors come to Aitutaki in the  Cook Islands simply to have a tropical holiday, enjoy the sun , sand and sea that we can offer so well. Many stay in resort hotels which provide excellent facilities for those who wish to experience our island at this level, This is the Aitutaki that is shown in many tourism brochures and is promoted by travel agencies world wide. Such a holiday is little different from any other tropical holiday in any other part of the world where there is a warm tropical climate, sun, sea and resort hotels.

There is however another deeper Aitutaki – one which many visitors never see or experience – the Aitutaki that has existed for the last 1000 years –  rich in history, human drama, and a unique cultural heritage.

There are those visitors who wish to get closer to the reality of Aitutaki  it’s people, and it’s environment and eco-systems. Such visitors are not only inquisitive about our history, our material culture, ethnology, music and dance,  but they also wish to see for themselves how we live in these modern times and how we cope with the challenges that face our own travels deeper into the 21st century. As one of Aitutaki Island’s Paramount Chiefs – Manarangi Ariki – I am historically  a link with the  past but also lighting the pathway into the future.

As Queen Manarangi I offer comfortable, quality budget self contained family accommodation set in the  Aitutaki inland forest environment.

Staying with us at Gina’s can bring such interactive cultural visitors in contact with our past and present, our eco-systems and our environment.

E-Mail : queentutai@gmail.com